Hay Sales from Heath Hay and Straw

At Heath Hay and Straw (Hatfield Heath) we have two basic types of hay available:

  1.  Ryegrass/Timothy mix which contains stronger stemmed taller grasses, and is often referred to as “hard hay”.

  2. Fescue/Meadowgrass mix. This is made up of shorter stemmed, finer grasses and is known as “soft” hay.

We expend a great deal of time and effort ensuring our hay is clean and weed free.

If ragwort is found in a field, we won’t make it for hay – we sacrifice the entire crop and treat the field to ensure it is clean for the following year.

Hay is thought to store at its best at under 14% moisture; we are very cautious and don’t bale above 12% moisture.

Our new crop of hay is generally available from July onwards. We can also reserve hay for our regular customers at no extra charge. Let us know in August how many bales you are likely to require and we can arrange delivery through the winter months to suit you.

We offer FREE DELIVERY   on orders of 50 bales or more within 10 road miles of Hatfield Heath, further afield for a small charge per extra mile.